Healthy Trees Support Healthy Living and Enhance Your Most Valuable Investment: Your Home!

It has long been true that beautiful trees enhance both the livability and the dollar value of a home. With an investment as important as your trees, don’t trust their care to anyone but the Certified Arborists at ArborVantage Professional Tree Care. Below is a list of services we offer on a year-round basis!


Inspect & Evaluate

Keeping trees healthy starts with knowing their current health status. Poor pruning, neglect, or disease/infestation can take their toll on otherwise beautiful trees. Contact ArborVantage Tree Care today for a free evaluation and positive plan of action for your tree’s health!


• Insect Treatment and Management

• Disease Treatment and Management

• Tree Health Evaluations

Beautify & Maintain

Nothing speaks more loudly about a property than the healthy appearance of its trees! ArborVantage is not in business because we own a bunch of chainsaws. ArborVantage is in business to help beautify your property and give you the maximum benefit from your trees cape. Let ArborVantage restore the beauty of your property!


• Crown Cleaning

• Crown Thinning

• Crown Raising

• Dead Wood Pruning

• Structure Pruning

• Tree Management

• Cabling and Bracing

• Winter Pruning

Tall tree being removed by ArborVantage crew

Preserve or Remove

Storm damage is an unfortunate part of living in beautiful Central Wisconsin. The ArborVantage team of professionals can reduce the impact of storm damage and properly evaluate the best course of action for your trees. Not every tree needs to be cut down after a storm! Let a professional evaluate your trees and give you a professional’s opinion!

Removal & Cleanup

• Tree Removal

• Stump Grinding, Cleanup and Topsoil Service

• Storm Cleanup

• Lot Clearing

• Lot Cleanup

• Hazard Remediation

• Long-Term Planning

• Year Round Service

Tree Care: Do it Right the First Time!

Hiring a Certified Arborist is a Great First Step!

When caring for trees, if it isn’t done right the first time it may cause permanent damage to the tree and will ultimately cost you more time and money. That is true for pruning, disease and insect treatment and virtually every other action on behalf of your trees (with the possible exception of complete tree removal!). While we all like to save a dollar wherever we can, sometimes the cheapest price can become the most expensive after fixing the problems caused by the lower price. Go with the tree care specialists you trust and the ones with the Certified Arborist education and experience that understands your trees!

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