ArborVantage Professional Tree Care & Nursery was co-founded by Certified Arborists Kevin Krings and Steve Hollar to raise the overall level of tree care in Central Wisconsin. Founded in 2000, ArborVantage has grown to be one of a very few tree service companies in Central Wisconsin with the education and certification that ensures top care and optimal health for their customers’ trees. Better tree care cannot be found in Central Wisconsin.


“For every correct way to prune a tree, there are 50 ways to incorrectly prune that same tree, and we’ve probably seen all 50 of the wrong way to prune. Unfortunately, it can take years to correct a poorly pruned tree.”

—Kevin Krings, Certified Arborist and Co-Owner of ArborVantage

Sadly, when a tree service completes their trimming property owners rarely know whether the tree has been helped or damaged because of the methods used by the tree service. Because there are no regulations prohibiting an untrained person from opening a tree trimming business, many homeowners pay hard-earned money for a service that actually does more harm than good.

“That’s why it is so important to hire only a Certified Arborist when looking for tree care. While that doesn’t guarantee their business practices are good, it does provide an assurance that they have the knowledge to care for your tree correctly.”


In 2013, ArborVantage opened their own Landscape Nursery in Arpin, WI. Seeing the need for a nursery that is overseen by Certified Arborists, ArborVantage Nursery provides zone-ready plants and trees that are healthy and capable of thriving in Central Wisconsin’s harsh climate.

ArborVantage provides complete Tree Care in Central Wisconsin

Meet Our Team

Kevin Krings

Certified Arborist, Co-Owner
ArborVantage Professional Tree Care co-founder Kevin Krings received his BS in Urban Forestry from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point in 2001. Kevin served as the City Forester for Evans, Colorado for 5 years before returning to his Wisconsin roots to start ArborVantage Professional Tree Care. Kevin earned his Certified Arborist designation in 2003 and brings 20 years experience to help bring beauty and maintain good health to the trees and shrubs that make up your landscape. Kevin is an avid sportsman and deer plot expert, and is as hard working as he is knowledgeable.

Steve Hollar

Certified Arborist, Tree Care Expert and Co-Owner
Steve Hollar is a Certified Arborist and co-founder of ArborVantage Professional Tree Care. With 18 years experience in tree care, Steve brings the knowledge and experience necessary to understand the unique needs of each species, and how to enhance the natural beauty of your landscape. A lifelong Wisconsinite, Steve is an avid outdoorsman and food plot expert and brings his considerable work ethic to every job.

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